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Mobile Massage 

Mobile Detailed Soft Tissue Therapy to Get You Relief.

I prolong sports careers by helping pro athletes, reduce the possibility, of injury and the loss of mobility. Let me help you do what you love, for longer. Whether you're a aspiring or current pro athlete aiming to boost your performance for an upcoming event, prevent or recover from injuries, or a retired pro athlete   managing chronic pain, I've got you covered!  When you book a session with me, there's no  guessing which soft tissue is causing your discomfort because pain has a pattern

Massage Table


All massages are concentrated work on restricted joints , tendons, muscles and fascial tissue.  I  will release the tight opposing muscles ,activating the inactive muscles & realign fascia. All appointments are customized to your specific pain/mobility issue and target the Myofascial, Muscle , Lymph and  Nervous System..

  • Gratuity is not accepted & No added cost for: Cupping ​,Gua Sha / Graston, Lymph Drainage

Training & Conditioning Massage 

Recommended on a regular basis for athletes in training, these sessions will focus on problem areas with structural, myofascial, and deep tissue techniques targeted at relieving tightness and adhesion. Facilitated stretching, Thai massage protocols, and joint oscillations will also be employed to increase range of motion, enhance mobility, and fine-tune the body for optimal performance.

Pre-Performance Sports Massage

 Rapid light to medium pressure strokes, gentle stretching. Wake up’ the body’s musculature in preparation for an endurance event or long period of physical exertion.  Boost performance and help to prevent injury.

Post Performance Sports Massage

Performed directly after, or within 24 hours following intense physical activity, a post-performance massage employs light kneading of tissue to enhance circulation and decrease recovery time. Lymphatic drainage to flush toxins from the system.


Trusted By Current & Retired Athletes Of: 

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